Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 Days to My Green Gables

As many of you know (especially if you read my sidebar and not just my posts lol), that I have a love for all things Anne of Green Gables and Prince Edward Island and that recently, my family and I have decided to simplify our life, including selling our house for a cheaper house (and it looking like a century farmhouse would be fab!), living off the land and living off grid....And living in Canada, well, we are ACTUALLY considering moving to Prince Edward Island.
What a dream come true (maybe....).

Well, recently, the Nester invited everyone to join in on their annual "31 Days to.." challenge/event. I thought this would be a great way to start "preparing" for the Green Gables lifestyle and kick-start my homesteading (traditional, domestic, homemaking, old-fashioned, whatever you want to call it) experience.

Kickoff is THIS Saturday, October 1st and the month is filled with good ol' home cooking recipes (like a Southern mac n' cheese, homemade ice cream, apple cider), my first attempts at making bread and canning, country/cottage decor, homesteading and homeschooling activities and more! I will try my hand at making a dress and hat for myself and other traditional skills as well as some fun "old-time" activities. Maybe even a hairstyle or two! There will also be some "anne-fun"...
Raspberry Cordial anyone??

If you want to join in, the Nester is having a linky party on Saturday.

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