Monday, September 26, 2011

You're a Smart Pumpkin....

To continue my fall decor project (projectS, actually!), what else am I to use but pumpkins??

But as my husband declared the other day "Nothing that you create is simple" (though he was referring to his surprise that I made JELLO instead of some major gourmet sounding, looking and tasting concoction)....I couldn't just fill my house with simple, orange (read: normal and ordinary) pumpkins.

No. I had to make a pumpkin. Out of a paperback book.

Some of the pictures make the pumpkin look orangy --- but that's just because I am taking photos with my Iphone...I really do need to get a professional camera and learn.

But can you see that it's just a regular paperback book -- see the chart on the left...

So when you are done reading the nutritional value of your Lucky Charms cereal box, you can read something a little more educational -- like (in my case) "memos to the president".....Yeah, this was a book in our collection that I think my husband got at a yard sale for something like .05 cents. Trying to use what we had in our house and not have to buy anything new, I found it and asked him if he really wanted it --- because once I was done "crafting it", he wasn't going to be able to read it. EVER again.

Oh, and no, this wasn't fully my creativity in the works...but I was inspired by Craftberry's paper pumpkin.

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  1. I just love that pumpkin book! I really want to make one now...

    ...I must admit, though...the English teacher in me is going to cry a little inside when I cut the first page! :)

    Awesome craft...can't wait to try it!


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