Friday, September 23, 2011

My Roadkill has been featured....

Remember Eliel's chalkboard.....? The one that started out as a crib base?

Well, it's been featured on Roadkill Rescue, from the blog author of Infarrantly Creative....

You can see my moment in the DIY spotlight over at Roadkill Rescue.


  1. Hi:

    I just found your blog through IC. This is a cool chalkboard!

    Good for you learning how to live off the grid! Curious if you have read Barbara Kingsolvers' Animal Vegetable Miracle? I loved that book--she details how she and her family learned how to can, grow all their own food, etc.

    Like your blog! I'll be back.

  2. Hi Edie -- Thanks so much for the kind words. No, I haven't read that book but I will certainly look in the library now for it :) Thanks for the recommendation.
    You are welcome at my blog anytime ;)


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