Saturday, March 19, 2011

American Mickey Tshirt

Not only to prep my son for his Disney World experience, but to save on costs, I made Eliel a Mickey Mouse t-shirt (great for pictures and instead of wasting time and money in buying an overpriced one actually at Disney).

Now, to find a plain, white, tshirt for a young kid is an ordeal! Simple is, apparently, not popular. I went to all sorts of department stores and thrift stores looking for a plain.white.t-shirt with no logos, no designs and just couldn't find one. At one point, I was even considering getting one with a small design and just covering up with my design.....but then I wasn't paying over $10 for such an item.

I finally found a plain t-shirt (had to look in the "underwear" department) in Bonnie Togs (a children's clothing store, Canadian?).

Funny situation. When the sales associate pulled out the undershirt, I was definitely excited. Then she asked what size. I initially said "2"...but they were folded, so I couldn't really see the right size. (It's my first child, so I do eyeball a lot when it comes to size.) So then, I said, "it's may shrink after I wash it...Can you take it out of the wrapping so I can see the actual size". She gave me a little of a look (because the shirt was folded and taped and like somewhat shrinkwrapped in...pretty much, once out, it wasn't easily going back in). Seeing that look, I said, "I will more than likely get this one. I just wanted to be sure of the size. Especially that the next size is a 4"). I didn't know that sizes only go 2, 4, 6 etc. There was no "3".... So she opens it up. I look at it. I squint my eyes. I purse my lips. And I say "Nah, I think I will get the 4". I see her eyes nearly pop out and I try to defuse the situation (and her impending eye-problem) by saying "because I'm just not sure of how much shrinkage, and I have a growing toddler". She mumbled something about 'it's fine' (yeah, real convincing!). I said, "I'm sorry. I work in retail too and I know that that's sometimes frustrating...." and she snapped at me something along the lines of "somehow I'll manage....". Okay, seriously, enough drama. It's called folding, stuffing into a bag and adding some scotch tape. It's not rocket science. It's just the death of a tight crease.

So I got the size 4 (and there was actually two in a pack) for $6.

I then went to the fabric store and looked for an American Flag pattern --- which in Canada, apparently, they don't have! Yet, they had a whole assortment of Canadian Flag patterns. Seriously!? Aren't we like neighbors or something? Can't I just walk across the border to get back into my country and you can't have one (ONE?!) American Flag pattern?

But then I got an idea, that I thought was even cuter. I did find a Vintage Star pattern and some red ribbon and decided to make the Mickey head/profile as an American Flag.

So for about $5 ($3 for the shirt and about $2 in fabric and ribbon), I think it came out nicely! And my son is quite happy to wear it. Now, I just have to hide it until we get to Florida, because he would request to wear it each and every day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Funny Valentine....

So I realized that I never posted about our hopefully you readers won't mind reading about a holiday a month later!

I decorated only a little...

ceramic hearts that hang in the window
(btw, they are still up and it's now March... :))

I decorate the tree branch each month...

with these little blue and white IKEA favor holders....

I made this little gift bag and card in my "Mom's Group" at church....

No, you aren't reading that wrong. Yes, I stamped it backwards...
Outside it's supposed to read: "Together we're good.." But it worked, for the inside I wrote: "cuz look what I'm capable of on my own, without you..."

I was serenaded by a couple of cuties.....with serious hair issues!!!
(FYI, that IS a costume 'fro.....though my son can get quite close with his natural hair lol!)

---Eliel playing for me on the keyboard---

For Valentines dinner, we had spaghetti. I know that doesn't sound terribly romantic, but these were the little heart pasta shapes....and I couldn't resist. I made a garlic cream sauce to "artistically" drizzle on. And we've been married for almost 5 years, garlic breath ain't a deterrent! hahah.

For my Valentines gift to my husband, I bought him these Union 28 t-shirts that say "My Marriage Still Rocks! Re-established 2011"....These were perfect for we did have a difficult last year and have recommitted to each other this year.

here's a little photoshoot....
look at us trying to take a pic with an active 2 year old
(see the last picture.....)
haha, you can see the corner of a camping tarp that is hanging on our roof...learned after (another) major snow storm in Canada here, that we have a little "hole" in the roof and this was what my husband came up with at 2am to stop the water from continuing to seep into the guest bathroom...

all is quiet (and still) on the home front...(well, almost!)

Any um...notice anything special about the pictures...about ME specifically....looking a little round nowadays, aren't I? ;P It's not FULLY because I'm guilty of eating a box of twinkies, a bag of popcorn and a man-bowl of peach soon to come!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Being Used by God or Praying for a Stranger.....

Yesterday, my husband and I made a huge decision about something that really affects our family, today, tomorrow and for eternity. It was "simply" a business decision, but it affected the quality and quantity of our family time. After weeks of dwelling and thinking, I made up my mind about "my part" and told my husband.

Immediately, (as in "day after"), God used me. Probably, more like blessed me. If my time was all wrapped up with my business, I probably would not have been given the chance to do what I then did today. Actually, I don't know if it would be not given the chance, but I would have been too busy to actually see what God wanted me to do....

Here is what I wrote in a card that I am sending to a stranger....
Hello, you don't know me, but I recently prayed for you.
Long story short, I was using Whitepages to find a friend who shares the same last name (and initials) as you. I hadn't gotten around to calling her, but told her the next day at church "Oh, so I learned your last name was spelled *****". This friend said that that wasn't her last name at all.

But since it seemed that a person named *** was on my mind, right then and there, we prayed for you, your family, for what's going on in your life. For what's on your heart, for whatever troubles you might be going through and that God would be close to you.

If this registers somewhere on your heart, and you feel you would like to, please feel free to write me back, email or call. You are also more than very welcome to join us at church. (Niagara International Center, corner of Frederica and Dorchester. Sundays at 10am).

God has been thinking about you, cares for you and has put you on my heart. I am your sister in Christ and I am very grateful that God has used me to help you in some small way.

Thank you God for entrusting me with your work. I am glad that I now have the contentment within in my heart, and the open eyes and ears to hear You.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Map

I recently just read, The Map, by David Murrow (author of Why Men Hate Going to Church). And I have to say, for a book "geared" for guys, this gal really enjoyed it and sees its relevance and application to a number of different situations.

In response to Murrow's realization that churches all over have problems retaining or “building” its male population, The Map is written in both a straightforward “lecture and discussion style” as well as in a thriller-action suspense, similar to the Davinci Code. The book suggests that there is a “map” to transform men, helping them to get on the path that brings them closer to being the man God wants them to be. And this map, has been followed by many of the Great Men of the Bible and even Jesus, himself. Further, the book boldly states that many of today's churches are doing the very opposite of what this map indicates and this results in the apathy and decline of men at church.

I think the “map” is a great revelation in understanding more of Jesus' character and of our daily walk. Yes, I said “our” (me, being a female reading a male book). I do believe the concepts in this book can transcend into teaching within marriages, within parenting and with what the different “levels” of believers need in Church.

The “down to earth”, honest and reality-based approach to problems in the Church and the need for men to become real “men of God” (and the MAP for how) was very refreshing. I did appreciate and enjoy the fictional tale in the beginning of the book. This helped to put the actual lesson in perspective --- which is one of Murrow's concepts: men are visual learners, yet Churches teach “verbally” and not experientially. If anything, the book has provided me with an insight for how to relate to my own husband, brothers in the Church and for “discipling” my own son and leading him onto the right path.

After reading this book, I plan to read David Murrow's other books, including How Women Help Men Find God.