Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Back in January, the Ann Voskamp book, One Thousand Gifts, came out and I posted my interest on reading it and joining the discussion.

Every year, I make a "want to read" list and for the most part, I read all the books on the list. What's also a definite given, is that I always ADD to the list as I go. This year, I've been my most "successful". My "Smart List" has 25 books on it to read for this year and as of today (mid September), I've read 23 books. IF you want to get really technical, I've read 8 books off the actual list, which is kind of funny. So, in terms of "numbers accomplishments", I am successful in reaching my terms of focus, yeah, I obviously have a distraction problem. :)

HOWEVER, this is just a long-winded way of saying that I HAD not got to reading One Thousand Gifts....and my disclaimer.

But what I do want to share is that from that book, even though I have not read it, is that I have been keeping a small (and quite beautiful, if I can say so) journal bedside to record daily my "blessings" with the aim of getting to 1000 (at some point!).

I've started becoming serious again about my daily QT (quiet time) and prayer/chat with God, so I just added the "task" of recording my daily blessings from the day before as part of this routine. I'm up to 48 so far and wanted to thank God now for even that amount, as many of them have either been something that my heart (not my mouth) asked for, protection over me, my husband or son (those "oh-oh moments) or just situations where I knew God was reaching out to me, if only to see me smile.

So take this post as an encouragement to really RECORD, not just count, your blessings.
What a wonderful keepsake to read through when completed, no?

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