Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Equinox Decor Countdown

According to my calendar, it's a week till the Fall Equinox. But actually, according to the weather outside, Fall is practically here. I'm already donned in a pullover sweater and furry boots and have bought some "little man" fall clothes for my 2.5 year old.
(I was so happy to find that Old Navy was having their $5 sale....)

And now that my family is all set, the mind turns to the house and FALL DECORATING! I do enjoy seasonal decorating. I'm not completely there, but I can't wait to have huge tupperware buckets, one for each season, just all organized, full of decor items and anticipating their release at the change of each season.

But in reality, for the Fall, I only have a few items....but have been really enjoying seeing what other bloggers are doing to fall-ify their I will be joining along in the DIY'ing and posting as I create.

My first piece of Fall Decor is a centerpiece that I made when we first moved into the house, about 4 years ago. Granted, it's out ALL year long. I just switch the vase for more of a seasonal indication. Currently, it's in a deep red bamboo vase and I love the contrast.

I've used this in the summer, in front of the fireplace as an "alternative fireplace cover", or on the dining table as a "welcome spring" centerpiece. Currently it is on our mantel.

Can you believe this is tissue paper? Using a Martha Stewart template for making flowers, I cut and folded square pieces and hot glued them to branches I pulled from our backyard.

Welcome Fall! :)

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