Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Swapping Sensations

For a couple of months now, I've been part of A Virtuous Woman's Swap Club. Here is a recent swap that I received from my friend in the States, Deborah. She gives the best swaps --- and I am always excited to receive something from her. They are always thoughtful and always beautifully crafted.

Even my son was happy to receive the swap!

what is that momma??

oooh, that smells so good....!

beautiful gifts -- a doily, a soy candle and a handcrafted "Many Thanks" card

Oh and Deborah, that last picture with the hat is for you! You never got to see him in the hat you sent the first time. Thanks again!

Btw, Deborah has a blog too --- Where My Soul Finds Rest


  1. Hi Ellen, How nice of you to post your kind words. :) Also thanks for the pic of Eliel. The hat looks so cute on him. He has such an adorable face and always looks so happy in all the pics you take of him. :) Thanks, Ellen.


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