Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let It Snow!!

So there I am, still in my pajamas, with the laptop, my son, his toys sitting in front of the warm fireplace.....yeah, kind of having a Thomas Kincaid moment...

I'm checking my email, my blog, my favorite blogs, facebook and I read one of my friend's posts of how she took her girls out in the snow and they had so much fun and isn't this weird for she isn't a snow girl at all...and then I thought to myself, I, too, need to take my son outside and let him experience the snow, regardless of the fact that I can loudly proclaim the pride in my Caribbean blood and my love of things all bright and warm!

So at lunch, I tell my husband what I am planning on doing and no kidding, right in front of my eyes, he became a 5 year old in a candy store! I heard this shocking loud "yeeeaaahhh, it's gonna be so much fun" like he had been holding it in or something and he began to inhale his food in order to make the moment come quicker. I think I blinked and he was in his coat, hat, gloves and boots. Funny, how he now found his winter gear today, but all the other days....

Anyhow, we did have fun and I think Eliel enjoyed it, if not a bit intrigued by this white stuff...I think one of the funniest moments was putting on his snowsuit! Well, we have a bunch of them given to us by family and friends but our son was on the "length line" twice and so only fit two of the five. (Actually, two of the four --- husband said one wasn't "cool enough" to wear.....that coming from a man who went out in plaid pajama pants and brown leather boots to the store the other day...) So we put Eliel into the one-piece snowsuit, for we can't find his other boot and he seems to get a rash from wearing the coat part and! He was a little snug but we figured no snow would get in. And off we went!

Eliel could barely move so he didn't really get to play with the snow, but just look at my little blue penguin....

I think this is a happy-if-not-thawing-out face! :)

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