Thursday, January 21, 2010

and then there was light....

well, actually, there was always a light fixture there...but this is where this little light of mine got herself some bling and accessories....

Introducing my ceiling medallion!

You might have noticed that there was already a medallion there --- can you see it? I know it's so tiny. But we put that in when we got this particular light fixture. There was always a little gap between the medallion and the ceiling. It needed to be filled with the love of a medallion. But for a little while, we prevented this little light from receiving the love that was rightfully hers....not because we were meanies, but because the cost of a medallion was ridiculous. I think that little one cost about 10 bucks and the really big (sigh, beautiful) ones were around the $100 mark. Um no! My husband went to Home Depot to get this little one because we were trying to sell the house. And yeah, as I said, I think he got it for around $10. I don't know, I didn't go with him. I was having a tantrum, rebelling against the cost of medallions.

So, anyhow, for a while I was thinking that I wanted to add to the look ---- without taking away from my wallet. So, during Christmas time, when there were so many beautiful wrapping paper (yes, I said wrapping paper!), I saw this gold, gilded flower one and thought of my ceiling.

I kept this particular roll of wrapping paper OFF-LIMITS for gifts. Husband was confused, but I just smiled my all-knowing, all-crafting smile and said "it's reserved for something else". It being Christmas wrapping paper made this not a bit clearer to my husband. I tried to enlighten a little more: "It's for the ceiling. A ceiling medallion". Oops, too far. I confused the poor man. Wait, what was that? Do I hear some wheels turning....? Oh but for just a sec. The wheel jammed again: "...the ceiling?", he said.

We put this up last night. And I got to do math, people. The math that you learn in school and say "when will I EVER use this...". But yes, I had to grab an actual HB pencil, some string, a sewing needle and some caramels. With pencil in mouth (don't ever do this, Eliel), I had to figure out what the diameter of the original ceiling medallion was, divide that in half to get the radius and cut a piece of string that size. Then, I had to find the middle of the paper, poke my pin there with the other end tied to my HB pencil (now out of my mouth) and holding steady, pull and then draw a circle. (You can go the distance and actually find the circumference of your circle, using that fabulous math....).

Then in the middle of the circle, cut a straight line about half way through. Now using your math again, the knowledge of the relationship between radius and circumference and using the same technique about, draw another circle in the middle (which actually would look like the size of the original medallion) and then cut that little circle out. You should have something looking like a donut.

Put some wallpaper glue on the ceiling and slide and roll the paper onto the ceiling. Finally, smooth out the paper.

Instant glamour! And my ceiling looks taller somehow.

*I didn't take any pictures of this while doing it, so if you have questions, just ask away!

Oh, by the way, the caramels were a reward for a job well done! :) And in case you are wondering, the radius of my new ceiling medallion is 15, making the circumference 706.5.

And last thing --- this medallion, in total, probably cost about $1. The wrapping paper was $5 and I used only a small piece of it!! :)


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  1. Oh my goodness, there she goes again...such creative ideas that look so beautiful when you are done. Wow! Love it!! I think our husbands never know what the day will far as the turning wheels of our creative brains. :) Great Job.

  2. So well done! I love this! Lezlee

  3. That is so cool! Before seeing what it was, I thought it was hand painted. It looks awesome!

    Thanks for linking up with Talented Tuesdays at My Frugal Family!

  4. Great idea! When I first saw the photo I though you had stenciled the ceiling with gold leaf! Fabulous results!


  5. I love it... It looks great. I don't know if I would have thought of that. Great job on the math. I totally get what you were saying about your hubby.. That part made me laugh. They just don't get it sometimes (well maybe all the time). Great job on the math.

    Thanks for joining my party. I have a party every Thursday, so be sure too come back..

    You have a nice looking family. Love the photo of Little Eliel.



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