Monday, January 4, 2010

A Crafter's Confession & the McLinky Party begins....

As a Christian, I know the Bible teaches us about confession and the subsequent redemption party on that note, I have a confession.

Okay, two confessions.

1. My previously awaited McLinky party (for last Monday)...yeah, even with all sorts of ambition, interest, right heart and motivation, I didn't get to it.

2. The craft I am posting for this week is actually a Christmas craft. Yes, it is 2010 and for most people, the Christmas tree may be down and the decorations snuggled into their large Tupperware boxes and stored into the basement, but that is not so at this house!

(oooh, pls don't look too hard at the "in-bad-need-of-a-paint-job-hutch, I just got it and plan to refinish it....)

And this, is for two reasons. Not only is my husband's birthday on the 9th of January (so the celebration and partying continues) and I like to have my house maintain its festive look, but I am really focusing on sticking to my word. What does this have to do with crafting, you simply ask. Well, (almost) everything in my book. I had said (even if it was to myself!) that I would create my advent calendar this year. Well, if the complete truth be told, this was a project I aimed for last year. Yikes. Anyhow, I said that I was gonna complete this project and so on December 27th, I finished it.

Here is my advent calendar.

It's located in our dining room and it has little envelopes where I can place a scripture, a family activity for that day and a little treat for Eliel
(to share with his momma!).

Granted, right now, because I finished it after Christmas, there are no scriptures, activities or little treats in there. BUT --- it's up and that's what counts right now to me! Check THAT one off my list.
Ohhh, how great does that feel?

Now from the crafter's perspective.

Have you ever had those crafts where you just aren't 100% satisfied with your, it just isn't hitting that "WOW, and I made it" factor for me. Might be memories of working/sewing with 25 pieces of felt that might be affecting me, but yeah I get visions of a laundry line when I look at it. Does it look "young" with the glittered numbers? And its okay, I can take constructive criticism.....even if my thumb and forefinger are still aching from using that glitter tube ---- I'm asking, was it all worth it??

Maybe this year, I will keep the idea but change the envelopes to a different fabric, maybe the same turquoise blue/brown polka dots fabric I used for my tree skirt (thanks Nicole for that idea!!!).

What are your thoughts on my advent calendar?

What are some of your crafts that you finally got around to doing?

Or, what was the craft (recipe, home improvement project etc..) that you did last week?

Here is the McLinky. Post away!
(oh and for easier viewing, post the title of your craft in the title box...)


  1. I would love to link up, but I am a non crafter...I mean it's scary. Okay, okay, I'll link up a craft I did awhile is my favorite, and pretty much one and only!


    Love your advent calendar!

  2. Hi Sarah Mae --- You are a def crafter -- I LOVE the bird! It's awesome. How did you do that? And thanks so much for saying so about my advent calendar..I saw an inspirational piece somewhere on the internet and wanted to recreate it with adding my own touch....

    I love your blog by the way...definitely so inspirational for my faith walk!

    - Ellen

  3. Love the idea of your advent calendar!

  4. Hi Ellen, Love the idea of linking to other ideas and crafts. I definitely have to get my new blog up and running and learn how to download photos into it. Looks like fun. My blog is definitely a work in progress. :) I am going to do a new one for everyday chatter and crafting. The old one is my thoughts on God and His Word and inspiration from Him. (but I havent's been diligent to post often enough.)
    I love your blog...nicely done. :)

  5. I think your Advent calendar came out just lovely. And I really like the birch tree branches you decorated with the ornaments, very contemporary and fun.

    The Mr. Linky is closed so I'll just share here what I made,a kanzashi flower brooch.

    Happy New Year!



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