Monday, January 18, 2010

Motivated Monday -- been MIStreating....

So you can either treat your curtains or make them them work for you and MIStreat them.

(Btw, I've completely got the term mistreat from The Nester and her fabulous window treatments....).

This idea came along because I have been trying to find the "perfect" curtain for this dining room window, which going along with the character of the home, of course makes it a little more challenging to find the right curtain! Anyhow, I made the valance from a table runner, added a little trim and was set.

For about 5 months.

Everytime I walked through the dining room, I always got that somewhat unsettled feeling about the curtain and wanted something the other day, while going through the basement, putting Christmas stuff away, I came across a bin that had odds and ends of stuff that I owned but didn't know where to put or what to do...including these gold curtains...and then the idea struck. :)

I immediately wanted to put them up up under the valance, but it was about 11:30 at night and I couldn't get to any store to get a curtain rod. And feeling that this would hold up my project...and my moment of inspiration, I brainstormed...what can I put this up with....string! no. tape! no. Ah ha! I'm gonna staple gun them to the wall! Feeling oddly sneaky but not a bit guilty, I got the staple gun and fired away....dreading the noise of each staple. Not for it penetrating the wood, but that it might wake my easy sleeper 9 month old. But blessings no, he remained asleep and I mistreated the half hour away.

I was so excited to announce to my husband: "I've been mistreating", see the confusion on his face and then the pleased look when I showed him what I did. Granted, he was a little numb on the fact that I just staple gunned something into the wood, but I think it was brilliant! Besides, no one should be looking under my curtains in the first place anyhow! :)

And I was obviously sooo excited to use my man tool, that I forgot to iron the curtain before apparently attaching it to the wall!

oh well, maybe with the money I saved in not having to buy a curtain rod, I can get a hand steamer.
It's a definite trade off in my book!

*pretend you are so taken with the curtains that you don't see the mess on the sideboard....

So join in on the Linky party -- what did you create over the weekend??? Oh and btw, this Linky party will stay open for a couple of days...

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  1. I really like the shimmer. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  2. Aren't you a daredevil, stapling that right into the wood. I love doing stuff like that - just getting it done when you think of it is so satisfying! Nice job!!
    Thanks for stopping by, I linked in with one of my projects! Hope you'll come back soon.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  3. Thanks for sharing and for the thrifty tip-I would totally do that!


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