Sunday, January 10, 2010

Motivated Monday - My NEW Ottoman

Okay, so keeping with my Inspirations List and goal of actually completing a project before starting a new one AND letting my "yes be yes and my no be no" i.e., doing what I said I was going to do ------ here is my completed project.

An Ottoman.

Now the background story on it --- I have NO qualms about finding treasure in other people's trash. About a year ago, my husband and I were driving around on a rainy day and I do what I always do --- what I call typewriter shopping. No kidding, I stare out the window and actually look around at what's been thrown out and my head goes left and right, like a typewriter. And sometimes, when there's just too much potential (i.e. a huge trash mound), my head can fling around and then I am complaining of a pulled muscle. (So then, I have my hand on my injured, but still completely usable neck and continue my shopping!)

Anyhow, so there we were driving along and in the peaceful moment, I yell "Stop the car"! This nearly adds about 20 more years to my husband's heart and after the initial, whatcha you do that for, I say in child-like excitement, lookee it's an ottoman. And then he sees the glimmer in my eye. The wheels in my head turning. And then I turn up the heat...the pathetic look of hope on my face coupled with a look you get from a hungry and abandoned puppy stuck on a busy highway. In the rain. No, in a tornado. And the dog had one leg. That look that begs, be my hero. Only you can do this! I meant business with this one.

So my husband pulled over, got out of the car and put the ottoman in the trunk. Without a word. Oh oh. But I prevailed and was a happy camper. Oh did I mention the ottoman was a 70's style brown, cream and orange floral shag fabric style that met its match probably with a cat, no, with a leopard with a fresh manicure, sat in the rain and had a huge hole? Yeah, but I saw potential.

And after about a year (like I said, I am working on this "inspired-acquire-but-don't-ever-do-the-actual-craft" issue I had going....). I'm just telling you where I am coming from. That's the first step right? Anyhow, about a year later, I was in Ikea and found in the "As-Is" area leftover fabric for something ridiculous like $5 and knew what I needed to do.

To reupholster, I put the fabric on the ottoman inside out, pinned it to get the right measurements, turned it right side out, sewed it and then hot glued and staple gunned the bottom. Oh, and I painted the legs black --- it was an all scratched up brown.

Sorry no previous pictures ---
Ms. New Fabulous Ottoman wants to keep her previous lifestyle hush hush.

So what's your project??? Do tell!


  1. Hi Ellen, Love your "trash to treasure" ottoman. You did a great job. I love taking things that are someone's trash and making into my treasure too. Thanks for posting your creative work. Your site is one of my favorites. :)

  2. I was laughing at "And then he sees the glimmer in my eye. The wheels in my head turning." I can totally relate. The things I put my husband through in the name of DIY.

    The ottoman looks like it turned out just perfect.

  3. Your Mr Linky is closed, but here's my project:

  4. Awesome! I have an ottoman that is beggin for a makeover!


  5. Yea for you for pulling over and getting a free ottoman! And yea for you for having a husband who will do it with no questions asked! Great job.


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