Thursday, January 12, 2012

Then Sings My Soul...

Another BookSneeze review. This time on "Then Sings My Soul", vol 3.

At church, do you sing the songs, unsure of whether you are singing the right words? Or, do you ever wonder how the song ever came about. Would you love to be able to play the music at home on your own instrument and with your family? That's why I love these series. In it, are over 50 songs and hymns, with the lyrics, the history and the sheet music. What's really neat about Book 3 is that it has a focus on more of the "lesser known" hymns, even some ancient and medieval hymns. The stories are well-written and give an insight into the experiences and lives of the hymn writers.

It's a great way to do family devotions and lessons on Christianity. The book is a definite goldmine, especially for musically inclined families or history buffs.

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