Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days Series: On Being Properly Educated {Day 2}

Anne, of the Anne of Green Gables books has a vivid imagination and a wonderful vocabulary. I think this is one of the coolest features of both the character as well as the books in themselves. It makes sense that Anne eventually became a teacher, doesn't it?

So I choose to do my second post of the 31 Days to My Green Gables series by choosing randomly some vocabulary words from the book that I didn't know and learn them.

1. a small tool for boring holes, consisting of a shaft with a pointed screw at one end and a handle perpendicular to the shaft at the other.
2. a cocktail made with gin or vodka, sweetened lime juice, and sometimes soda water.

verb (used with object)
3. to pierce with or as if with a gimlet.
4. to rotate (a suspended anchor) to a desired position.

1. a deity or nymph of the woods.

verb (used without object)
1. to read or study with steady attention or application: a scholar poring over a rare old manuscript.
2. to gaze earnestly or steadily: to pore over a painting.
3. to meditate or ponder intently (usually followed by over, on, or upon )

1. having a muddled or confused mind; foolish, silly, or illogical.

1. the horizontal timber or member at the top of a roof, to which the upper ends of the rafters are fastened.

1. a very short time; an instant

1. fluttering; apt to flutter.

Pssst, tommorrow, is my first taste of Raspberry Cordial....

**This post is part of my 31 Days to Green Gables series....that's right, I am doing a series, y'all.....part of The Nester's 31 Days Event. You can get a glimpse of what I will be blogging about here.
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  1. I did not know what a ridgepole was either until I read Anne. I learned so much from her when I read her stories and wished I was as witty as she.


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