Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days Series: The Anne mouth. {Day 3}

For this post, I thought it might be cool to re-read some of the funniest quotes from the Anne books.
Anne Shirley definitely has a way with words, doesn't she?

My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes. That's a sentence I read once and I say it over to comfort myself in these times that try the soul.

Telling about myself really isn't worth telling, Mrs. Cadbury... but if you let me tell you what I imagine about myself you'd find it a lot more interesting.

Can't you even imagine you're in the depths of despair?

Mrs. Hammond told me that God made my hair red on purpose and I've never cared for Him since.

Farewell, my beloved friend Diana. Henceforth, we must be strangers living side by side... but my heart will be ever faithful to thee.

I know I chatter on far too much... but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't. Give me some credit.

And I promise I'll never do it again. That's the one good thing about me. I never do the same wrong thing twice.

The fact that you rescued me, unnecessarily, hardly wipes out past wrongs.

Btw, I got the raspberries and will be making homemade raspberry cordial.....can't wait to try and tell you all about it!

**This post is part of my 31 Days to Green Gables series....that's right, I am doing a series, y'all.....part of The Nester's 31 Days Event. You can get a glimpse of what I will be blogging about here.

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  1. Ellen,
    My favorite Dianna quote is "but I don't have any black dresses." Cracks me up every time I watch Anne. My daughter is 8 and we have begun watching the movies together but I must order new DVD's as my videos have given up the ghost.
    Robin Sue

  2. Homemade raspberry cordial?? How fabulous. Please, tell us all about it! (I don't even drink juice, so I can't imagine I'd like it. But imagine me saying that making it yourself is just so....romantic! my best Anne voice.)

    The red-hair-on-purpose quote is my favorite :)


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