Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A little story.

Yesterday, an afternoon conversation while cleaning the dishes, between my husband and I.

Background: I (the wife, the caretaker of the house) has been out of house for about 2 months and husband (busy computer software employee) has been "in charge"...including cooking, cleaning etc.

Husband: So, I'm really proud of myself. When you were gone, I did cook some good meals.
Me: That's nice honey. Good to hear.
Husband: Oh and yeah, I used that spray stuff behind the sink and the other little cracks and holes so I didn't see one mouse during the whole time you were gone.
Me: Oh good. Can't stand the mice.

(yes, I did just reveal that we have a little mouse issue....occasionally. Rarely. Hardly ever. Really.)

Fast forward to this morning.....
Husband: Hon, can you come downstairs and tell me what you see.
I go downstairs to where my husband is in the kitchen, pointing to something on the counter.

Husband: Is that mouse poop?
Me: Yup. Most definitely. Looks like in a couple of places.
Husband: Grr.

We go to sit down at the table and I start giggling.
Husband: What?
Me: Oh nothing. I just realized that when I was gone, so were the mice. Only when I returned, did they come back. They must have known I was cooking again. And you weren't.

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