Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When in Buffalo, New York...

Look at buffalo. Duh, right?

In Canada, we celebrate Family Day instead of President's Day.

So my little family of three crossed the border into the States to go to the Buffalo Museum of Science where there is a Children's Activity Centre and a new Narnia exhibit.

Our almost-two year old was a little young for the actual exhibits...it was more of a fly by with whatever got his attention and then he played for about an hour in the more kid-friendly spots.

I also took the opportunity to use my new Iphone app --- Instagram. I love love love this program....good thing there are only about 20 filters....if there were more, I would waste even more time lol!

upon being greeted by a life-size polar bear....

playing peek-e-boo (that's how he says it) with mommy...

making friends in the treehouse...

putting on the turbo blasters, his favorite thing to do...

needing a "shhhh" moment....

saying "it's Jonah whale, mommy"....endlessly....in a room that echoed...

technology in the Great Plains...

"it's so big, mommy..."

--- my mommy instinct tells me he isn't so interested in the buffalo, inasmuch as he is contemplating how to get into the actual exhibit and run in the fields

Eliel enjoying freedom and walking like a "big-boy"...it last for about 5 seconds

a life size bear ---- about 10 feet tall!

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  1. Awesome pictures. You should come to Yellowstone National Park and see them in the wild. This is where we live.

    I just wanted to come by and thank you for visiting my blog during OWOH, I have uploaded an altered angel image to my blog. It is a sweet image so feel free to come by and grab it - then maybe make something pretty with her.

    Thanks again for visiting my little place on the web during the OWOH event.



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