Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why don't you do what you dream....?

The other day, I made Jam-Jam Muffins...(raspberry yogurt muffins filled with apricot preserves...)...should be renamed Yum Yum....but anyhow...

And when peeling the paper liner off of my muffin, I was taken back.
Way Back.
To a Childhood Movie.

Is it just me or does my muffin resemble Morla the Ancient One from the Neverending Story (la la la la la la la la la....)

my muffin


my muffin

again, Morla

Well, it obviously didn't bother me too much, for I chomped down two of my, muffins :)

And just a side observation --- and at the risk of sounding very VH1 -- where are the child actors now??

The kid that played Bastian (cool first name btw), was Barret Oliver and only did like seven years of child acting and is now a photographer. But he was in Cocoon and D.A.R.Y.L. Can't find any updated "I'm now a 37yo adult" pics...

Atreyu -- (Noah Hathaway) apparently is a major energetic athlete (even opened a Muay Thai store) and since 2009 has opened up a tattoo shop. (I don't follow the line of thinking....)

The Empress --- (Tami Stronach) is the child of a Scottish archaeologist of Ancient Persia and an Israeli archaeologist. She was born in Iran and the Neverending Story was her debut. And it was also her last film, as her parents didn't want her to go down the path of other child actors. So, she turned to dance instead.

And okay, through my "research", I finally found what Bastian renamed the Empress....According to Wiki, Moonchild.
okay, what?! where did that come from?! I totally would not have got that from the video....

Here is what is said on

Okay, some back story on this. In the movie, which isn't the best rendition of The Neverending Story, he mentions that if he were asked to give the Childlike Empress a new name, Bastian would give her her mother's name. However, in the movie, somewhere between the time he makes that statement, and actually calls out her name he changes his mind, because he calls out "Moon Child". Now, I very highly doubt that his mother's name was "Moon Child Bux".

Now, in the book, Bastian never makes the claim that he will give the Childlike Empress his mother's name. In fact it never comes up at all. When faced with the decision to let Fantastic (Fantasia in the movie), or name the Golden-Eyes Commander of Wishes (The Empress), he named her. And he names her Moon Child, which, by naming her, he showed his power of imagination, and the power to create worlds with it.

So, to answer the question, in the movie, he called out "Moon Child", but it was never his mother's name.

interesting...nonetheless, a definitely amazing children's movie.
I wanted my own Falkor...

Maybe I might ask for one for Christmas...

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  1. Do you know that the author of The Neverending Story (I presented the book at school -- hah!) -- Michael Ende -- is buried on one of Munich's graveyards? Last year I posted a couple of photos of his amazing grave on my blog.


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