Monday, February 22, 2010

what I've got....

... a 90% finished kitchen reno
... a very tired and overworked husband
... a 10 month old who (still) has a ridiculous cough from broncholitis and the subsequent clinginess and the "earth-shattering-I'm completely-in-despair-because you left the room to go release your pee from it's 6 hour restraining order" cry. Yes. I said the pee word. Twice.
... an ear infection to accessorize my cough and flu outfit.
... a feeling of "not wanting any obligations on my time". Like a 16 year old boy's hesitation to commitment. And I will say it: its not you, it's me.
... a desire to just simple out (my verbal way of saying, get real. and very very basic). Maybe it's due to the Proverbs31 Spring Cleaning Challenge that will be taking place...spiritually, physically and emotionally or just the effects of living amongst dust, disorder and in one corner of my son's nursery (bc of the reno)...But yes, I am choosing my family, my time, my life, me. I already know some won't be happy, but oh well.
... a blog that hasn't really felt my love for almost 1.5 weeks
... a business that needs some revitalizing

But the most beautiful thing I have right now is my son, gently napping in my arms. I fall in love with his long eyelashes, his rhythmic breathing, his curled little toes, his curly hair, his bottom lip slightly protruding, his hands that seem so big. Even with the lunch "stain" still on his cheek.

And that is why I have all those other things...yes, even the flu and ear infection :)

Motiated Mondays to return next week, with hopefully, my reno'd kitchen...

*note, I realize this picture of Eliel is not only from a couple of months ago, but he's in his carseat. (it was from us returning from something..) But as you read from the post, he was in my arms and I didn't have the camera next to me....note to self, carry it more often...

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  1. This is an absolute beautiful photo. I love it. You also are always so real with your feelings. I appreciate that about you. I think we all are feeling the need to simplify our life and drop out of the things that complicate life and take us away from our God-given commitments. I pray you have a very peaceful week and I hope you are all feeling well, very soon.


Thank you so much for sharing your heart!