Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it's 11:48....pm

do you know where your coffee maker is?

Can I borrow it?

For right now, the scene is this: I am caved in our son's bedroom, watching over him, listening to his breathing because of course during a major reno (and really no kitchen-y resources to speak of, that is, not covered with 3 inches of sawdust and sanding dust...), my son possibly has a flu bug. His poor little nose is all stuffed up and he really can't keep any food down and oh yeah, where did I put the baby thermometer? Between the two of us, we've had 5 wardrobe changes (didn't you know, puke covered clothes is sooo yesterday!). I am sitting here like the first time mom that I am, making sure he can breathe, is comfortable and isn't about to choke on his own vomit. My husband has been working overtime at work (he just happened to be on call this weekend and got that 11pm phone call which meant he was screen staring until about 5am the next morning....) and non stop on this kitchen. With an about 100 year old house, there have been many surprises and decisions to be made and then re-made.

so anyhow, I am in my son's room, blogging and surfing and my husband is hacking away at that floor. Again. Soon, it will be done and we can get back into our little routine in all its mommyhood fantastic-ness. Can't wait to be cooking up a storm in that kitchen! I've been previewing recipes and bookmarking for some good homecooking. Yes, my American Southern roots are totally coming out. I will be trying my hand at making my own apple pie and as soon as peaches are in season (yeah I know like all the way in June), I want to make Peach cobbler. All this by hand (y'all). I even "inherited" a hand peeler...

But the main point of this post is to get back to blogging (I know all of you miss me)..and to also see if any of you have taken part in the Eat from Your Pantry Challenge. I'm gonna make us some good recipes but I also need to be smart about it...especially since we just did this kitchen.

So, yeah, I saw this and thought hmm, that sounds a bit like woman from Proverb 31ish.... using the resources you already have. Just thinking of my pantry, I know, I have plenty of stuff to choose from instead of going out and rebuying pretty much the same stuff... Also, from reading some of the guests posts, it talks about how you also inadvertently, can then save money that you may want to donate to a charity, rediscover family time (or gain more time...it's pretty difficult to do grocery shopping with a 10 month old!) and rediscover creativity. Yup, k, 'nuff said, I am on board!

To start, here are my goals:
1. Spend $250 a month (including Eliel's formula and food) and making sure to use coupons (when appropriate) or go no-name. Note to self: do more of homemade baby food. Another note to self: don't be too hard or too determined to be accurate with this for the first few months, because Eliel's diet is changing.....
2. Do grocery shopping two times a month as a family
3. Make dinner an "event", focused and full of family (and fun). This means setting the table and making it special (candles, flowers, something fun, whatever). I definitely want to incorporate the "high-low" idea (discussing as a family what each of our high and lows of the day were). And when talking over with my husband, doing the dishes together and adding a walk (if my Caribbean blooded body can handle the Canadian weather).
4. Each week, whatever money is remaining from my budget, add it to the "Christmas Jar". I hope this will instill in my son and family the value of helping others.
5. And come spring and nicer weather, to choose 1-2 veggies/herbs that I can grow to further reduce costs.

And obviously an underlying goal is for me to make meals that are yummy and healthy (fresh as much as possible and processed as little as possible).


  1. Hi Ellen, You have lots of wonderful ideas here. I would like to do the pantry challenge as well, (even though this month I kinda have.) Mike and I grew a garden this past summer. It was our first one in 20 years and we were soon reminded why we should do it every year...it was so nice to eat fresh vegetables from our garden daily.
    So sorry to hear that Eliel is not feeling well. (prayers for him) I understand why you want to be right there with him. (new mommy or not)
    I started the 'Jar' with my grand-daughters in January. They celebrate Hanukkah so I called it the 'Giving Jar'. I did read them the book though, so they understood what we were doing. Isn't it a great idea to teach giving? Have a wonderful blessed day and I hope all is back to normal for you soon. (and we really have missed you.) :)

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