Friday, February 26, 2010

I guess a typical Mommy day....

So what did you do all day?
Don't those words just creep you out? I remember how the hair on my neck would just stand up after hearing these I was now under the verbal gun to defend why I only accomplished putting up curtains or why I was still in pajamas at 3pm in the afternoon. Those are kind of fighting words....

But I am learning to take control when asked this question or to even not care about it. Whatever momma gets done, she gets done. If that means you have to fix your own jam sandwich, well, you grown, aint ya? hehe, just kidding. somewhat.

Seriously, I am learning to a)pace myself, b) be okay if I don't save all the neighborhood strays or find the answer to world peace, c)accomplish nothing in the day or d)remain in my pajamas all day (out of choice).

Especially now, with being a new mom, I am learning to develop and maintain a schedule that works for all three of us.

So what did I do all day?

Well sister, I finally cleaned all the dishes that still sported 3inches of drywall dust on them, did about 3 loads of laundry (built up from Eliel's vomit-fest and we cloth diaper here and I changed the sheets and towels this week), crockpotted dinner, went to home depot with Husband to pick out shelves for my kitchen, vacuumed the family room rug, wiped down some of Eliel's toys, made some hanging centerpieces, arranged some plants, did some grocery shopping and signed up for some online coupon sites. Yeah, pretty full day huh? But what was the coolest is that it wasn't stressful...actually paced out. And of course, I also made breakfast and lunch too, played with Eliel (actually more like allowed him to hang from my hip all day... :P), and other random daily things...

I also snagged some amazing deals at they have some free products for both family and business as well as some severely discounted items. Get this, my cost for...

1 Large Window Business Decal
100 Postcards
140 Return Address Labels
100 Family Business Cards
1 Business Rubber Stamp
1 50pg note pad
2 sets of Sticky Notes...

woulds have cost 70.92 and I got all that for 24.93. Almost $50 in savings. Unreal!
So I guess I am gonna have to find some new use my swanky notepad and address labels!


  1. I love snail mail so you could write to me. :D
    Sounds like you got lots done and it is always a plus not be be stressed by the day. (you have had a lot going on lately) I know you are glad that you are almost done with the kitchen and it will be so nice to have a new space to cook the crock pot meals in. (and other stuff) :) Have a blessed day.

  2. I once heard a story of a mom that DIDN'T do anything all day, and when hubby came home, the kids were a mess, as well as the house, he had no dinner, the yard was full of toys, etc etc etc. And so the mom greeted the husband with, "you know when you ask me what I did all day, and I could never really answer WHAT, well, today, I didn't do any of those things." Meaning, us mommies do A LOT and we don't even realize it until it doesn't get done, at which point disaster strikes. So pat yourself on the pat today for all the things you do.

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