Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Homemaker's Journal (2.23.10)

I've been a fan of the Christan HomeKeeper Network and recently saw they have an online HomeKeepers Journal. I do look at my blog as somewhat of a journal, so here goes my entry...It's neat for she gives some journal entry "segues" so you know what to write/blog about...

In My Kitchen
a freshly stocked refrigerator, thanks to my husband's midnight trip to the grocery store. Some sweet potatoes on the counter waiting to be diced up and used for this fabulous crockpot recipe for dinner...

With the baby
he's getting over his cold and his appetite has definitely coming back. We have been struggling with getting him back onto solids without him gagging and also sleeping amply. He also has been fighting waking up in his crib and not in mommy's arms. Or he will cry the moment we put him down in his crib. We've co slept since day one and this is what he knows....so not only bc of that, but we see the benefits of co sleeping and believe we all get better sleep that way. Other than that, he's showing he know how to put our hands together to "clap", wants to feed himself more and more and definitely loves to play "imitate", esp with moving his head from side to side.

What I’m Reading
For my Jane Austen Book Club, I finished Pride & Prejudice and am now enjoying Sense & Sensibility. Along the way, I have learned many new words! I am also trying to get back into the good habit of reading my Bible and am currently in Job...which in all honesty, I am just not feeling. Though I've felt like a Job this week with the flu and then the ear infections...

What I Have Been Learning
That I tend to be an inpatient person and take on way too much, often to the detriment of others around me. This was true for any room in the house that I've wanted to paint, no, overhaul, and any project underway. I'm learning to stay in the moment, appreciate the little blessings and the accomplishments thus far.

What I’ve Been Noticing
blog posts on co-sleeping and Mommy Mission Statements (which have been on my mind), how the weather is changing and all the dust in my house and on my windows.

On The Back Burner of My Mind
cleaning out, decorating and organizing my craft room, planting a garden come spring and breaking down the "hosta and fern" forest we have out back.

In The Deepest Darkest Recesses
how disappointed I sometimes am with myself for the times that I don't follow through or get overly involved in something. For all the times I sign up for something with a burning excitement only for it to fizzle later.

k, it's your turn....let's be real with each other...


  1. Just wanted to share with you that I have the same "problem" I get SOOO excited about a project but then eventually I lose that enthusiasm and it becomes another 'thing' on my list.
    I pray about it...asking for contentment--that's all I can do sometimes :) Thanks for sharing and for your honesty! Btw...you and your family are adorable!! Blessings!!

  2. Ellen, thank you for joining in the Homekeeper's Journal. I enjoyed reading here at your blog so much! Wish I could come help you work in that fern and hosta forest!



Thank you so much for sharing your heart!