Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Map

I recently just read, The Map, by David Murrow (author of Why Men Hate Going to Church). And I have to say, for a book "geared" for guys, this gal really enjoyed it and sees its relevance and application to a number of different situations.

In response to Murrow's realization that churches all over have problems retaining or “building” its male population, The Map is written in both a straightforward “lecture and discussion style” as well as in a thriller-action suspense, similar to the Davinci Code. The book suggests that there is a “map” to transform men, helping them to get on the path that brings them closer to being the man God wants them to be. And this map, has been followed by many of the Great Men of the Bible and even Jesus, himself. Further, the book boldly states that many of today's churches are doing the very opposite of what this map indicates and this results in the apathy and decline of men at church.

I think the “map” is a great revelation in understanding more of Jesus' character and of our daily walk. Yes, I said “our” (me, being a female reading a male book). I do believe the concepts in this book can transcend into teaching within marriages, within parenting and with what the different “levels” of believers need in Church.

The “down to earth”, honest and reality-based approach to problems in the Church and the need for men to become real “men of God” (and the MAP for how) was very refreshing. I did appreciate and enjoy the fictional tale in the beginning of the book. This helped to put the actual lesson in perspective --- which is one of Murrow's concepts: men are visual learners, yet Churches teach “verbally” and not experientially. If anything, the book has provided me with an insight for how to relate to my own husband, brothers in the Church and for “discipling” my own son and leading him onto the right path.

After reading this book, I plan to read David Murrow's other books, including How Women Help Men Find God.

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