Sunday, March 6, 2011

Being Used by God or Praying for a Stranger.....

Yesterday, my husband and I made a huge decision about something that really affects our family, today, tomorrow and for eternity. It was "simply" a business decision, but it affected the quality and quantity of our family time. After weeks of dwelling and thinking, I made up my mind about "my part" and told my husband.

Immediately, (as in "day after"), God used me. Probably, more like blessed me. If my time was all wrapped up with my business, I probably would not have been given the chance to do what I then did today. Actually, I don't know if it would be not given the chance, but I would have been too busy to actually see what God wanted me to do....

Here is what I wrote in a card that I am sending to a stranger....
Hello, you don't know me, but I recently prayed for you.
Long story short, I was using Whitepages to find a friend who shares the same last name (and initials) as you. I hadn't gotten around to calling her, but told her the next day at church "Oh, so I learned your last name was spelled *****". This friend said that that wasn't her last name at all.

But since it seemed that a person named *** was on my mind, right then and there, we prayed for you, your family, for what's going on in your life. For what's on your heart, for whatever troubles you might be going through and that God would be close to you.

If this registers somewhere on your heart, and you feel you would like to, please feel free to write me back, email or call. You are also more than very welcome to join us at church. (Niagara International Center, corner of Frederica and Dorchester. Sundays at 10am).

God has been thinking about you, cares for you and has put you on my heart. I am your sister in Christ and I am very grateful that God has used me to help you in some small way.

Thank you God for entrusting me with your work. I am glad that I now have the contentment within in my heart, and the open eyes and ears to hear You.

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  1. This is so lovely. I would be so moved to received such a note. I am excited to be paired with you in Jess' swap. Please email with some fo your favorite etsy finds... xoxo


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