Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New About a Bride Designs --- the Summer 2011 Collection

It's the start to "What I Did during My Summer" essay....
So far, I have created 25 new designs for the About a Bride Shimmer & Tulle Collection....going for a slightly more casual look, rather than full out formal/bridal. And YES, even at a cocktail party or with a fabulous summer dress, you can wear a birdcage veil or feathers!
So GO FOR IT, don't be afraid to stand out!

All items are available for sale. Custom orders can also be arranged.

And by the way, if you are looking for a "boy-item"...any of the girl hair bows can be made into a bowtie for your baby boy or toddler! Or, if you are looking for a hair accessory to put on your newborn infant, any of the flowers or hairbows can have an elastic ribbon attached.

Violet ($8)

Morgan ($8)

Betsy ($8)

Priscilla ($8)

Sable ($8)

Apple ($8)

Emma ($10)

Daisy ($15)

Zoe ($12)

Sade ($8)

Francesca ($10)

Samantha ($10)

Chloe ($12)

Sabrina ($12)

Sasha ($12)

August ($8)

Sophia ($20)

Purity ($10)

Catalina ($10)

Ingrid ($20)

Francois ($18)

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