Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review: The Fight of Our Lives

As a BookSneezer, I get free books on the promise to review them. For this book, my husband actually read it and did the review -- as I was busy with another "fight" -- being pregnant and delivering our second baby boy! :)

Here's his review:

The Fight of Our Lives clearly articulates its main points: it is a call to stand firm on the truth, "to call good and evil by their proper names", to identify what is wrong and deal with it, to identify what is right and stick with it. To take serious the threat of terrorism that has grown up in our own back yard, attended our schools, joined our militaries, infiltrated our culture and caused damage and fear and left a sense of terror in our hearts.

The authors have hand selected, analyzed and presented specific acts of terrorism which occurred against American and Western society. They articulate how terrorism did and continues to grow up in our own back yard. How it has not properly been addressed, and various ideologies that need to be corrected to properly begin addressing the state of terrorism as it is today.

As a Canadian, I found this book to be a concise and insightful look into the how we as a western nation have responded to the threat of Islamic terrorism. Through this book I came to not only understand how easy it is for a culture to permit acts of terrorism, but I began to see in my own actions and beliefs, how I, too, have permitted it. History would indicate through all that we have done, politically, through the military and anti-terrorism organizations, etc, we can do much better.

Keeping in mind all of the recent acts of terrorism on American soil and against Western society, The Fight of Our Lives, is an excellent read to help answer the questions: How did we get here? What could or should we (continue to) do about this?

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